1965 Alfa Romeo

Giulia TZ

  • 1965

  • Inline 4 / 1750 cc

  • 5 Speed Manual

  • Rosso Alfa Exterior & Black Leather Interior

Car Details

The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ is a sports car that was released in 1963. Designed by Zagato, the Giulia TZ featured flowing bodywork powered by a 1.6L inline four engine. A limited production model, the TZ would see 112 examples built before the end of production. A variant known as the TZ2 was introduced in 1964, which featured a lighter and more streamlined design, with only 12 examples built. This car was built by The Wilson Collection from scratch as a tribute car to mirror a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ. Design and build took place from 2013 through 2020. Most work was done in house by The Wilson Collection and the car serves as an excellent example of the craftsmanship, focus, and detail that is on display here.