1959 Devin

Super Sport

  • 1959

  • Inline 4 / 1290 cc

  • 4 Speed Manual

  • White Exterior & Blue Leather Interior

Car Details

While California sports car icon Bill Devin is best remembered for attractive, lightweight fiberglass bodies designed to replace the steel bodies of existing sports cars, the highlight of his career was undoubtedly the Devin Super Sport. In 1957, Devin was contacted by two textile engineers from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Noel Hillis owned a hemstitching company called Devonshire Engineering, and Malcolm MacGregor worked for Hillis. Both men were racing enthusiasts who decided to build their own car. Hillis provided the workshop space while MacGregor designed the chassis. They wrote to Devin to ask about arranging for a custom body for their car. Bill Devin was interested enough in the project that he flew to Ireland to look at the car. Instead of selling them a body, Devin negotiated a deal with the two Irish engineers for MacGregor's chassis to be used for a new Devin car. The Devin SS was the range-topping model, designed for big-bore competition in the SCCA C-Modified class and competing against the top brass of the era, namely Ferrari and Maserati. We are in process on this tribute car having acquired the Devin body and various elements from 2016 to 2018. The majority of the work today is focused on painting and interiors.