1962 Alfa Romeo

Giulietta Sprint

  • 1962

  • Inline 4 / 1570 cc

  • 5 Speed Manual

  • Rosso Alfa Exterior & Red/White Leather Interior

Car Details

Prior to World War II, Alfa Romeo was a low-volume manufacturer focused on motorsports and technically advanced, stylishly coach-built cars for the wealthy. Following the war, with Italy and the majority of Europe's economy floundering, Alfa Romeo began producing volume production cars with smaller yet still advanced engines that could sell for lower cost to more people. The Alfa 1900 was the first of these new cars, but the Giulietta was a larger sales success, and greatly solidified Alfa Romeo's new ethos. The Giulietta was produced primarily in "Sprint" two-door coupe, "Berlina" four-door sedan, and "Spider" two-door convertible forms. The Sprint arrived first with Bertone styling in 1954, with the Berlina and Pinin Farina (then two words) -styled Spider arriving months apart in 1955. Each Giulietta featured monocoque construction, drum brakes all around, independent control-arm front suspension, and a solid-axle rear end. The cars soldiered on largely unchanged until the introduction of the all-new Giulia Berlina in 1962. From 1963-on, Giulias received more powerful 1.6-liter engines—the most significant change to Sprint and Spider models for several years into production, aside from a raised hood bulge on the Spider. This Giulietta Sprint came to The Wilson Collection in 2014 after undergoing a full restoration to bring it back to original condition. It has remained in original form since coming to the collection and is a staple of our Italian wing.