1956 Microplas

Mistral MK II

  • 1956

  • Inline 4 / 1215 cc

  • 4 Speed Manual

  • Red Exterior & Black Leather Interior

Car Details

Microplas Limited was formed in 1954 in Uxbridge, UK by group of 750 Motor Club members. They were various friends who were all associated with the Hunting family. The Huntings were among the first to make reinforced plastics for the British military during World War Two. Microplas had access to this technology. The Mistral was Microplas’s second body design in 1955, intended for the Ford Ten. In 1956, Californian Bud Goodwin licensed the body from Microplas and sold it in the United States through his company Sports Car Engineering. As racing evolved through the 1960s Microplas bodies appeared on modified race cars from Jaguar, Triumph, Ford, Porsche, and beyond. In the case of this vehicle, the prior owner affixed the Microplas body to a Triumph TR3 in the late 1950s and raced it extensively throughout North Carolina and South Carolina in the 1950s and 1960s including the Chimney Rock Hill Climb, the SCCA Divisional and National races at Courtland, AL, and the 12-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance at Sebring, FL. The car sat for a number of years before The Wilson Collection rescued the vehicle from a South Carolina junkyard in 2013. We are in the process of bringing the car back to racing form with major work taking place around engine and interiors after a new paint job.