1961 Jaguar


  • 1961

  • Inline 6 / 2483 cc

  • 5 Speed Manual

  • Jaguar Classic Blue Exterior & Red Leather Interior

Car Details

The Jaguar MK II (a/k/a Mk2, Mark 2, or Mark II) is a mid-sized luxury sports saloon built from late 1959 to 1969 by Jaguar in Coventry, England. The Mark 2 was a fast and capable saloon, available with all three versions of the advanced Jaguar XK6 I6 engine, the 2.4, 3.4, and 3.8 litre. Production of the 3.8 ended in the autumn of 1967, with discounted sale of the 3.4 continuing on as the Jaguar 340 until September 1968, and the 2.4 as the Jaguar 240 until April 1969. There was no direct successor to the Mark 2 series. The new car was re-engineered above the waistline, with vision dramatically improved by an 18% increase in cabin glass area. Slender front pillars allowed a wider windscreen, and the rear window almost wrapped around to the enlarged side windows, now with the familiar Jaguar D-shape above the back door and fully chromed frames for all the side windows. Additionally, the Mark 2 gained a reputation as a capable car among criminals and law enforcement alike; the 3.8 litre model being particularly fast with its 220 hp engine driving the car from 0-60 mph in 8.5 seconds and to a top speed of 125 mph with enough room for five adults. Popular as getaway cars, they were also employed by the police to patrol British motorways. This car came to The Wilson Collection in 2007 and went through significant restoration work including edits to the interior and mechanicals as well as a rebuild of some of the exterior body panels.

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